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2 months into 2024.

2 months of memories already made.

2 months filled with days that I can cherish for a lifetime.

And yet, in these 2 months I stare at this screen wondering how God will continue to write the rest of 2024. I am hoping for more.

Last week on the "Crowned in Beauty Podcast" we spoke with Sarah Webb, a Wife, Mother, Lover of Christ. A sister who shared the importance of community and building that community you need to flourish. She has a ministry called "The Gathering."

You can listen to the episode here.

As I've been thinking back to our conversation, what continues to play in mind is what she said about "being the person you need." Do you have that person you need in your life? Or are you that person for yourself? I've been on both ends.

Being the person you need for yourself eventually creates an ability to walk in grace because you know what it feels like to need. Whether you want a mentor, a prayer partner or a shoulder to lean on God's greatest gift to us was through the Holy Spirit: Our Greatest Teacher.


There is always HOPE.

Hope guides you as you search for truth.

Hope builds patience.

Hope reveals your desires.

Hope reminds you that what you are believing for is worth staying the course.

Hope, In what is not seen.

Hope, in it we are saved.


1 Peter 1:3 tells us,

Through Christ we have hope. We have an eternal hope to live in the now because of the later in eternity.

Through Christ we are saved.

Through Christ we have hope. And we can live in and through the faith in hope because God's word never fails.

When you think about your life, what do you see? Can you see how the pieces in your life are coming together? If not, friend, let me assure you that when you do, you begin to see that you are called to a purpose that only you can fulfill.

God calls you out of something so that you can do SOMETHING BIGGER for Him.

As I approach my 40th birthday...oh my...yep the big 4-0 I can't help but to think of how God has given me grace upon grace. He has redeemed my life and I am humbled that I GET TO share my life with you and pray that in all I do I remind you that,

You ARE Crowned in Beauty,


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