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The Horse by the Tree. A story about the importance of rejoicing and finding the best in others.


My Story

     Born and raised in New York, Kimberly Lecar is the Founder of Crowned in Beauty, a ministry dedicated to inspiring women to pick up their beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61:3), and Elí Books; a division of CIB specializing in children's books that Inspire|Encourage| Biblical Foundations.

     She is an Author, Singer-Songwriter of "Healed My Wounds" and "I'm a Warrior," has been an On-Personality at The Fish Hawaii, 99.5fm The Word and 107.9 Hawaii's KOOL GOLD. A Worship Leader at heart, she loves to inspire women to embrace the beauty for ashes through her self-produced podcast, "Crowned in Beauty Podcast," where she interviews women from all walks of life, sharing the power of their testimonies and has a passion for teaching about freedom in Christ through the Living Word: the Bible. 

     She has served as President, Spiritual-Life VP, Prayer Coordinator and Worship leader in the military women's ministry; PWOC, Protestant Women of the Chapel.

     Currently, she resides in England with her husband and miracle baby, Elías. 

     Stay in touch with her on Instagram and Facebook for new releases, blog post and encouragement!

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