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Kimberly Lecar


Welcome to Crowned in Beauty, a ministry that offers hope, healing, and restoration for women. At Crowned in Beauty, we understand that every woman has a story and each story matters.  We are a ministry that provides a safe space and resources for women who are seeking to heal from trauma and other difficult life experiences.  Our goal is to empower women to see their worth, value, and purpose by providing resources and support to those who are struggling to overcome the challenges of everyday life. We believe that every woman can rise above their trials and find beauty in their journey. Our objective is to equip women with the necessary tools to embrace their stories and use them as a source of inspiration for others. We extend a warm invitation to you to join us and become an integral part of our community of hope.



We offer workshops to educate you on overcoming life's most intense challenges.


Crowned in Beauty provides mentoring to help you navigate the process of healing.


We offer inspiring motivational speaking to uplift and empower women on their journey to healing and self-discovery.


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