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Elí Books is a subdivision of Crowned in Beauty specializing in Children’s Picture Books that
Inspire|Encourage|Biblical foundations📚
Isaiah 61:3 


Willow is no stranger to loneliness. Daily, he stands by the tree as Abba works around the farm. He begins to grow discouraged until his friend Mr. Flight, shares the importance of rejoicing and believing the best in others.

  Welcome and thank you for visiting my site! My name is Kimberly Lecar. 

I started writing children's books to encourage them to grow in their walk with the Lord. Through my personal experiences, places I have been, stories I have read, and even old wives tales I am inspired to retell and write story's with a Christian perspective.


My desire is to share the gospel to our young generations as they too find beauty in the ashes of ever day life. (Crowned in Beauty's mission)

Check out my recent stories below! Stop by again to learn more about upcoming releases.

Rejoice! You are Loved!


The children have had a wonderful year up until Christmas Eve. Chaos breaks out. Not sharing is the new caring, and manners? What is that? Santa and his helpers check the list thrice. They come up with a plan that will surely get the children's attention, to remind them about the true meaning of Christmas.

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