• Kimberly Lecar

Well went dry

Have you ever found yourself feeling parched, drained, exhausted? Now, I’m not speaking physically, although you can feel that way. I’m talking mentally. As if everything you do isn’t enough and you just don’t know where it is coming from...

This past week, that was me. A case of writers block. And while, I did write on other things for me personally, I kept asking God.

“What is going on? Why can’t I write to encourage?”

The well started to dry, and that is ok. My consumption with certain social media outlets finally came to a close.

Friend, have you ever tried and tried to quit something and you just don’t understand why it is so hard?

Paul talked about wanting to do good but doing the opposite in the book of Romans. (7:15)

It’s a freeing experience when you finally say, enough is enough and I will do this through Gods strength. And you can! I am! Many reasons for me to turn a new leaf, but the main one. I decided to shake thr branch, stir it up and look for the new life springing up this year. To encourage even more, to dedicate my time to sharing truth, Gods truth. I spent more hours mindlessly scrolling through feeds, then actually encouraging. No wonder my well started going dry, no wonder why I couldn’t write when I wanted to.

If we are consumed by the stroll of the mindless scroll, then we are bound by it.

wait what?

What do you spend your time doing? How do you apply yourself? Exactly, if I’m spending my time just looking at what others are doing, what am I doing. NOTHING.

It’s that simple. If we are walking a life that encourages others we must go to the Chief Encourager. The Holy Spirit.

Then and only then will our lives reflect our hearts, and we will find plenty of water in the desert.

Stay thirsty for the Word friends!

My lesson this past week.

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