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“The camera loves me”

A friend of mine used to say, “the camera loves me.”

The camera does love you because it shows all the imperfections.

The camera captures each drop of grace, sweat, tears, joy and some not so pleasant moments.

The camera doesn’t judge, it simply captures.

In front of the camera one can be self.

Show their true emotions even when it’s an act, the camera captures the message.


Through the eyes.

Through each expression.

The camera enables us to see life through a clear lens when in focus.

I like this thought to Jesus.

He sees all, knows all, created all because He was in the beginning.

He captures, embracing each heartache, each tear.

He embraces each moment you’ve had and forgives the ones you’d like to forget.

He gives you perspective and depth.

If we could capture each moment so freely behind a

lens, imagine a lifetime captured by His grace❤️

Are you finding yourself frozen in a snippet of time you want to get out of? Are you having a hard time focusing? Challenge yourself to change your perspective. Even if it’s one day at a time, that is all you have. Tomorrow is not promised. Today is worth living because He loves you. Encourage yourself, encourage others through your pain. Surround yourself with truth and kindness as you look through the lens of the Savior. The One who loves you so.

Be encouraged today,

-You are Crowned in Beauty

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