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RUACH. Breathe, wind, spirit.

It’s winter in England and trust me, it’s not the winter you would expect. The sun is shining, the raven’s are nesting and the wind is strong.

I forget that I live on an island. I forget that a hop and skip across the pond is a dreaded 9 hour flight back to my home town.

Deep breaths, deep breaths I tell myself. Seasons are just that: change.

Change is hard. Dreaming dreams that seem to be within grasp yet I find myself in the perpetual sin of self. Self- control, self-doubt, then selflessness.


This is at the core of who God wants us to be.

To just BE.

I started this blog/ website with the intention to share His word. To remind us all that we do struggle and to remind us that God’s Word bring life. Life through Jesus and what He did on the cross: salvation.

Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. (Genesis 1:2 NIV)

I return to His word each day and dwell. Dwell in the fact that God’s spirit, Ruach, hovered over the unformed earth. Waiting. Watching His creation being formed. Being formed.

“God already had a plan before anything was formed. Before you came into this world, God would plan to form the earth, use the wind as He is spirit to breathe Adam to live and one day birth you in it."

This Ruach, breath, wind, spirit, hovered with a plan that included you and me. This plan would be unveiled over ages.

The One as powerful as the wind you feel can overturn trees, can also and has given you breath so gentle for you to grasp how wide and high His love is for you.

It’s windy in England. And as the wind picks up I am forced to think of the power of God’s ruach; His spirit breath. That God would breathe Adam into life. That life itself is filled with the power and glory of His Ruach. That all I need to do is ask to be filed with it so that, I can glorify Him.

What are you breathing in today? What is taking your breathe away? Is it beneficial to you, sweet Kingdom Builder.

Stop for a moment and breathe in His breath remembering that the same God that hovered over the unformed earth, is hovering over you in spirit. Don’t wait, Don’t rush. Just BE in Him. Let Him guide you. Let Him be your teacher. Breath. Wind. Spirit. Listen in for the whisper in the wind to speak. Whatever confusion, whatever storm is around you seek Him. Speak to Him. Let Him fill you with everlasting Harpu, Rest, as you Sink into His presence.

Be encouraged today,

-You Are Crowned in Beauty.


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