New Beginnings

It’s Independence Day,“4th of July.” Which yes, it is the 4th of the month of July but I prefer to say Independence Day. Giving the holiday itself, the lives that died on the battlefield, back integrity.

Merriam-webster defines independence as; the quality or state of being independent. Similarly, independence means the state of self-rule, self-governing, or as I read on another site, being free of the control of someone.



Being free of the control of someone.

It’s Independence Day.

I am reminded of what the cost of that independence is and ask myself, “What would I do and how far would I go to be free? To gain independence? To simply be?”


Everything in life has a cost. Jesus told his disciples that no man builds a tower without first counting the cost. (Luke 14:28) We all make sacrifices whether big in comparison to others, the sacrifices are there. And while they may not cost us our lives at the present moment, they can cost us our integrity.

What are you standing for? And what is the point of this post? Friend, It’s about integrity. Remembering why we stand firm in the faith and why we continue to stand. It’s about knowing that who you are and the purpose you were made for is solely dependent on God.

The God who made these mountains as I looked out the window over Greenland heading back to the USA, is the same God who knows me by name. I pondered on His majestic works. I sat amazed at the creation before me. I sat in awe of the Sovereign Lord, Creator of all and thanked Him for my new beginnings.

Independent of my thoughts and concerns when He created all things, yet interdependent on the relationship He offers me to have with Him.

He offers independence of thoughts, dreams and a life that if chosen to depend on Him, independent freedom of Christ lives and not self-dependency. All with faith and then action.

I’m in Texas now. And I can chose to see it as a new beginning. One that He already knows the unfolding to. True be told; my perspective needs shifting. Right now, there are a lot of should’ves. Should of been around 8 months pregnant. Should’ve been preparing for our second miracle baby. Should’ve. I’m still grieving. I have my good days.

I have My God who I know will supply my needs. His mercies are new every morning and His faithfulness is higher than the mountains of Greenland I flew over, and the mountains I see every morning outside my hotel window.

I have His grace. I have His love.

I have His freedom.

I am independently inner-depending on my God for He knows all I need.

Independent of self.

A wave of anxiety washes over me here and now. Then I am reminded once again, that I am no longer bound to insecurity, doubt, shame, and should’ve.

I look forward to the day that I look backwards to see how far I‘ve come. But then again, Here I am looking back, thinking back, and thanking God that He knows the end from the beginning because He IS the God of new beginnings.

Be encouraged friend,

-You are Crowned In Beauty


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