• Kimberly Lecar

Lost in the day

There are times that I feel lost. Well, I have been lost a couple of times trying to find my way home...Thank you low battery on my phone and gps that doesn’t show my actual coordinates. Guess I need an update.

You know, we plan things. We write out our goals. What happens when they do not go as we plan them?

It all works out!!!

It may not look like we want. It may take us to the other side of the planet, to places you have not heard of. It comes in those moments that are unexpected and all of a sudden, we don’t feel lost.

Have you ever felt like a part of you is missing? You live your life, but it’s as if a part of you, like your soul is drifting?

That’s deep. I know.

There are things that happen throughout our lives. Whether a death of a loved one, a painful and tragic circumstance, a situation we have either witnessed or has happened to us. These things sometimes have such an impact on our lives that if we aren’t aware, a part of us feels as if it dieing, or lost.

Friend, I know. I’ve experienced it. Today I am here to remind you that if you or someone you know has experienced something tragic, know that you can and will recover. You can find that Joy, Peace, Love, stilnees. You can find meaning in the hurt. You can be renewed. It may feel like it is taking too long, or you will never get there. It may take years.

I know. I’ve been there too.

God is Faithful.

His timing is always perfect.

“It’s hard to trust. It’s hard to see the purpose in that pain. It plain ol’ SUCKS!” Yes, it does!

When you push through it, like those first 5 minutes on the treadmill, it gets easier. It’s easier because you begin to gain clarity and start seeing the finish line/time.

Like the blind man healed by Jesus, in Mark 8. Jesus was “beginning” to heal him, he said he saw people walking around looked like trees. Jesus then finished the restoration and the man saw clearly.

This is how God works. He begins to unfold, reveal, shine through, breakthrough the brokenness.

Only when we accept those things that have happened, and we let go of feeling lost we will begin to gain clarity. Grabbing God by the hand and letting Him lead.


will see, His timing is not slow.

Be encouraged, you are loved.

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