• Kimberly Lecar

In due time

We rush. We wait. We get inpatient. We look forward to things to come.

Where is your heart today?

Do you find yourself waking up each day and this endless to do list feels just that, To Do?

Seems as the years pass I by, I find myself rushing through just getting through today. Is it an anticipation for tomorrow?But why not just live in today?

Jesus talked about the birds in the air not worrying about where their food would come from. Sometimes I watch birds, animals and in deep thought wonder, do they worry? They don't.

You see a bird fighting the winds in the storm, or is it really fighting?

Moving to England has felt like riding a smooth wave so far. There are days that the winds pick up, and I hear my recycling bin make its way down the street. Days like those are the days I notice the birds struggling to make it to their destination. A question I ponder on is, Are they struggling, or fighting the wind? I see them get pushed back a couple feet and their back in flight almost to their nest, cable they like to sit on or traffic sign. They make it. They look so calm. Well maybe that's because they can't express their feelings. Their beaks are pretty sturdy after all. Haha, that's funny now to think of it. What would an expression filled bird look like in flight?

I imagine the face we all make when we are stumbling down the stairs in hopes not to land too hard.

They still make it. They don't worry. They keep pushing. They have no choice because they live for today.

So, it's been a wee bit over a month since my last post. In the past weeks I've been pushing through too. Expressing my heart through writing and keeping it for a later date. Am I worried about tomorrow? Sometimes, and then I rest in Jesus. My hope is that with each day I too can push through on his promises, and not just cross off my list.

I want to live in today. I want to feel today. I want to seek Jesus each day with every area of my heart mind and strength and rest in Him.

So friend, if today your list feels like it's getting longer remember, everything will come to pass. In due time, you will reap your harvest. Stay encouraged, He's got big plans for you!

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