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Have you seen my mother?

Funny title yes. I'm letting you in on an inside joke. When I was a kid, probably 7/8, who knows? My mom would read the Dr.Seuss books to us. Not only were they fun to read but as part of our learning they helped her reading. English wasn't her first language, she relied on my sister and I for help.

In comes the book "Have you seen my mother?" Such a cute story about a baby bird that walks around asking everyone if they are his mother, after falling out of the nest. Well, that's the short version. This was one of my favorite books to read. I would constantly ask my mom to read it.

So every now and then, she'll call and say "you seen my mader?" In her Spanish accent, I'm smiling now just thinking about her. What she is actually saying is "Kimberly, I haven't heard from you in a while."

If you read my previous post on "GPS," I will share with you, that after posting my scouring the lands of England to get home, my mom called me saying "you seen my mader?" Truly, I felt like I needed her at that moment. Oh, Ma, how she humors me.

We often look at our parents as just "our parents." Yes, they are in this life. They gave us life, made, created, birthed per say, they too have their own passions, gifts, dreams. God formed them too! Long ago! I love the fact that God can speak into those parts of our hearts, when we learn to consider our parents. He will show us their struggles, their worries.

There's this picture of my momma that I have on my phone. She's so adorable. I wish, if God would give me an opportunity, I wish I could hold her. Sounds impossible yes I know! But Kim/Kimberly....what do you mean? I mean that when I look at this picture of my momma in her little white dress and sock, sitting up, smiling and her little hand heading towards the camera, my hearts alive. I feel Joy, I feel, LOVE, I SEE HER!!! I see this little 8 month old baby, full of energy, with dreams, passions, probably looking at her momma un that picture, my grandma. And she's laughing! Adorable. I see Grace, Love, Peace, Opportunities, Greatness, Strength, Courage. I see who my momma is. It's beautiful!

I wrote a poem for her. I'd love to share it with you. As my eyes were filled with tears, the Lord spoke through and reminded me, that He looks at all of us as we are,

"A Child of Grace."

Child of Grace by Kimberly Lecar

Child of grace

Do you know that you are loved?

Do you know that every star I placed would remind you, that gifts come from above?

When you sat there and smiled

With joy filling your heart

Did you know that I would carry you in my arms?

That I was there from the start

When you took your first step

Laughter and Joy filled the air

For I formed you and knew that you would help change the world

Child of Grace

How you have grown

I look at you and see the hope

When you look back

You will se me

I helped you through the storms

For life is precious

As precious as you

Through you I brought life

I have filled you with peace

Trust in me and see

I am all you need

As the years have passed

I still hold you in my hands

As a masterpiece

Let me guide you with my plans

Look to me for direction

I will never leave your side

For I knew you, and still know what comes in the end

I made you strong and courage

Don’t forget that the scars you carry are

Are the scars I used

I bound up your tears

If you let me

I’ll heal your heart

Do not be afraid

I protect, provide, I redeem when you abide

In my heart there is kindness, a gentle spirit I bring

Just let go from within

Because love always wins

Lift your head to me now

Put your worries aside

Fill you heart with mine

For in due time you will see

That you have always been

My child of Grace

Be encouraged friend! You are the apple of His eye, He loves you <3

Psalm 17:8 English Standard Version (ESV)

Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings,

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