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The London Marathon was a couple of months ago. Yet again, my heart longs for the finish line. How I miss running. Yeah, I miss running? Do you run?

Years ago I set a goal to finish my first half marathon. I set my mind on the finish line. To finish. To endure no matter the weather I was set on finishing. It didn’t take long for the negative thoughts to start making their appearance.

Some days it was raining and I wanted to skip the scheduled 8 miler. There were days when I felt invincible, got the good ol’ runners high. Moments of victory and moments of defeat.

The day of the Gutenberg marathon came and at mile 10, I wanted to give up. I had come so far and still feeling defeated. But, I dug deep. It also helped that a good friend was running beside me. She hadn't trained as much prior to race day, but she dug deep. She reminded me that I was stronger, I could do it. She would tell me, “just pray through it,” “you can do it” “Thank the Lord for your legs, look you’re so close, your mind is strong, you got this!”

As we watch athletes push themselves, whether with blood, sweat and tears, I am thankful for their discipline. They know Endurance. They live it through to the finish line.

We are called to fight the good fight, to endure in our Christian walk.

What does this fight for and through Endurance look like?

Friend, it looks like anything. Maybe it’s the personalities around you and you’re trying to show your best self. Maybe you long for a dream to come to fruition and it feels like it's so far away or not tangible. Whatever the dream or goal is, may I ask you a question/

Where is the root of this doubt? Why have you allowed yourself to feel defeated? Can you believe in yourself?

It hasn't been an easy road for any of us. Some of us never make it out of the womb. Those of us that do may struggle with a physical condition, or maybe somewhere down this road of life someone said something to you that was so hurtful you chose to swallow those poisonous words and they have infected your mind.

Why let the shadows of the past lurk?Why invite them in and entertain them, when you have so much to offer to this world, let alone to yourself. To live in a manner that you WILL see the purpose of your life. Whether at home with your children, or on the chess club, the book club or simply being, you can find a way to break through.

Many times people tell us the exact same things I am saying. I get it. It's hard, it's frustrating, sometimes I don't even feel like writing or typing or playing my guitar. Sometimes I just want to cry for the sake of crying and letting out some tension. Days like that I do. It's that simple, I cry then I pray and I get myself together up and continue to press on.

We're heading towards the end of June already. Time goes by and never returns. How many minutes do you spend today searching the internet for an uplifting article? Maybe you cried out to God today or will later and asked Him for a word of Truth? It's okay, it will all be okay. Set yourself up for success. Look at your accomplishments, whether or not they are hanging on a wall, that's besides the point. The point is, you have today. Today. We don't know what tomorrow's will bring. What can you do for today that you know that will bring you a smile, a sense of fulfillment, something that will step you into your calling?

So many questions! I KNOW! That's another point! You have what it takes to make your life what you want it to be. You can, and you WILL, if today you choose!

So friend, Choose wisely. Tomorrow is never promised.

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