• Kimberly Lecar

Don’t stop

Today is a day unlike any other day. Today is today. Yes, it may feel like a “here we go again kinda day.” You may feel the neverending list of things to do gettin longer. Or maybe your laundry is piling up? You’ve got that goal you’re working towards, whether a healthier body mind or home, you’ve #gotgoals


You’ve got all these expectations of how your life should look by now. I sure did and sometimes do. Why? Why put pressure on yourself? You’re doing the work, you’ve got goals! Yes, I’ve got goals too, and I’m going to keep it moving too!

So now what? Things aren’t looking like I wanted them to, you tel yourself.

Friend, it’s ok. It’s going to be okay. Your world is what you create it to be. In your mind there are dreams, goals, thoughts. Flip The Switch. Look at where you are. Look around, stop everything you’re doing right now. You’re alive. You’re exactly where God needs you to be. If and I’ll say it again, if, you were where you thought you needed to be by now, then you would be chasing the very next thing or looking for something else to check off. In other words, you wouldn’t value it, whatever it is.

There is growth to be had. There is appreciation for who you are and where you are. To feel.

You’re doing just fine.

You are learning to be content. You are learning that life is more than to do lists. You are learning to love all that is around you and in you so that, you can live a life that represents the eternal love of the Father.

This is what I am learning in my walk with God. To learn to love for God, to be content with where I am today, this season of life. This is my story. If you can relate, friend we are in this together. If you’re living your life filling yourself with things and people, friend I have been there too. There is more to you than what you see.

We all have a longing for fulfillment. I am learning purpose in this world is not about me. It’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s ALL about Him.

Find peace today in knowing that when you begin to surrender your desires, your plans, your “I should be’s” then you will begin to see that you just have to do the next thing He is asking you to do.

Don’t Stop.

Stay Focused.

Now go Bless!

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