• Kimberly Lecar

A time for everything

The trees, they stand.

Whispers of an autumn night

blow pass me, then enter my window.

Featherlike in nature,

I hear a crispy chip hit the blinds.

Look down, pick it up.

A leaf.

A reminder that in its death, there is still beauty.

Each paints a path.

Filled with memories of its yesterday.

And they fall, and it’s fall.

Soon they will fade away.

As is life, gives us grace. When we all fade away.

Thoughts. Thoughts I fill my heart with as I realize that all is due in time. Gods time. His perfect time. As are seasons, we all go through change. We need it. We need it to grow. Embrace your change. Embrace your season. no matter where you are, God is still on the throne.

I’ve taken some time off from writing, and today I want to encourage you with these words. I hope they did just that. Encourage.

be Blessed dear friend. See the beauty in your season.


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