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10 things I've learned, in letting go

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Well, we are officially in a new decade! Happy 2020, and I pray that this year brings you all the Joy and Peace in the Lord and all things. Here are some pictures from London 2020. #lettinggo #2020goals

Starting off 2020 with a clear mindset can be hard. Especially, if you keep reliving your past. So, here is some insight on the top things I have learned in letting go.

1. Clarity.

You picture yourself achieving certain goals you set for yourself, but where do you even begin? With all the chaos happening around this planet of ours, it is no wonder we have such a hard time setting our minds on things that will prosper us, next level it up. You get me?

I've learned that in order to move forward I have to let go of my doubts. We all have something offer, we are all gifted in something specific to us.

Whether it was taking a walk down the street, turning on my diffuser, praying. I needed clarity and got it setting aside the time to clear my mind. Sometimes you have to remove yourself from situations or kindly walk away from people and ask yourself these questions. Who am I? Whose am I? And, if I were to die tomorrow, would I die with a dream in my heart knowing that I didn't do everything to try?

Writing these things down gave me clarity and free'd me of doubt, because YOLO? No, because I deserve the best. Just like you friend, you deserve to give yourself the best of yourself.

You can't see clearly through a stained glass window, so let go.

2. You sleep better.

How many times have you woken up during the night, thinking about the ignorance of a situation? Or maybe something out of your control? Well what's a girl to do when things feel like they are out of her (your) control? LET GO! (insert smily face☺️)

GUESS WHAT? everything that is outside of your mind is not in your control. BAMM! Drop the mic...

How so? Say you are driving and someone cuts you off. You are controlling the steering wheel because your mind in focused on the road and getting to your destination safely. 1. Do you choose to act inappropriately? Or 2. Do you take a deep breath and stay focused, talking yourself out of being upset over something that is out of your control?

You choose. You can control what you think, you just have to be intentional. When it's night night time, do yourself a favor, unwind. Write down how your day went, use some lavender oil if needed, pray, whatever you got to do, do it. And let it go.

Umm....any questions? Let go and get some shut eye.

3. You find yourself.

There's a beautiful lyric that talks about finding oneself when they laid themselves down (Hillsong- Touched the Sky).

When you let go of wanted to control everything, you find the very core of your being. You accept what you look like, how your voice sounds, why you are the way you are. You see yourself through a different lens because you learn that you CAN love yourself regardless of what has been done to you, or what you have done.

Let go of what you think you want and find yourself.

4. You enjoy the small things in life.

Being part of a small community can have its benefits. In watching closely how others live their lives; I have found joy. Why? Because I began to see the joy that others found in the small things. Like getting together to bake, or teaching a class on starting a prayer journal, or showcasing beautifully baked pies. Being in a small community reminded me, that all things all people serve a role. Whether monumental or not, all things work together. I began to find joy in washing dishes, and missed my vacuum cleaner once the previous stopped working. So, I'd sweep the rug. While doing so, God began to remind me of how blessed I am to have a roof over my head while many don't.

The next time you find a wrapper on the floor, thank God that you were able to indulge for 10 seconds.

Let go, and enjoy the small things.

5. You have more space for the things you love.

There was a story I remember reading as a kid, in which the main character's garbage would pile up on his back due to his awful littering habits. Or was it others littering? I can't remember but the point is; that is what bondage looks like. You pile up all these insecurities, lies, things people have said, things you want but, can't have right now so you live a life in fantasy land missing out on what you have. Once I let go, things in life became less of a burden. I began to fill my time with productive things and people that encouraged me to continue striving. In essence, I lived out my word for 2019: PRIORITIZE!

Hey, maybe you'll find it useful? Prioritize, and let go.

6. You have more peace.

Just think about. How many times did you finally decide to let go of something, for example: the way someone reacts to your spunky personality? Whatever holds true to that of yourself, you continue being you. Their issue wasn't worth your much regarded energy. Did it not bring you more peace?

Let go, and please, go get some sleep, you need it. When you wake up you'll find yourself at peace.

7. You can't please everyone.

Oh, where do I even begin? Well, if what the cross defines as salvation through Jesus' death and some can't accept it, then why should I think that little ol' me will be liked by everyone?

I began to look within, asking God to teach me His ways. With every part of me, I desired the Lord more each day. In desiring Him more, my main concern in life has become to only do things that would please Him. Whether that's bringing a meal to someone in need, or once again putting a roll of toilet paper on the hook. No matter what I must remind myself that my main concern is to please God.

So let go, you can't please everyone.

8. Others opinions DO NOT DEFINE YOU!!!!!

Notice the 5! We all have opinions. We have likes, dislikes. Can this blog post get a like? That's it right there. We all seek validation, and that's okay. We are human. But, when others opinions matter more than God, then you will NEVER WIN. Story of my life before Christ.

Recently, someone shared their true feelings about me via text. Guess what? I kindly responded and sent their condemning words back to the pit of hell. Why? Because, I have done the heart work. I know my Jesus, the One I preach. And while yes it hurt to read those words, I had to expect it from someone who is hurting. You know the saying "Hurt people, hurt people." True and unfortunate. But I long to look at the heart of a person. Listening to others opinions of me made me question who I really am. But, God has shown me that I too have my own opinions and I need to keep my eyes focused on Him ❤️ No matter what people think of me, it really doesn't not matter. I can't control them, and neither do I care to. That's the Holy Spirits job, shall they allow Him to shape their minds.

Whatevs ✌️Let them and their antics go bye bye....

9. Your true friends stand by you.

Jesus looked at Mary.

Matthew 12:48 He replied to him, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” 49 Pointing to his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers. 50 For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

Any friend that you call friend is one that I have learned will pray for you. That is what we are called to do. Disciple the nations and more. A friend will pray with you because they know the upmost important thing for you is to do is deepen your relationship with the Lord.

So let go of toxic relationships.

10. You live in FREEDOM!

John 8:32-Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

When you think back at your life and reflect on where you are now, what has made an impact? What keeps you up at night? What are you holding onto? What are you making lord over your life? What is more important? An award or eternity?

Shall we say this together? " LET IT GO!"

God's best to you for 2020!

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