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The Horse by the Tree


Willow is no stranger to loneliness. Daily, he stands by the tree as Abba works around the farm. He begins to grow discouraged until his friend Mr.Flight, shares the importance of rejoicing and believing the best in others.



Crowned in Beauty: a devotional of songs and the testimonies that inspired them. 


We all have a story and a testimony waiting to be shared. What if we surrendered all of our fears and asked God to enter those broken spaces of our hearts? What if we allowed Him to examine our frailties and met Him there, in a position of worship? What would we see Him do with our life story?

A journey of her life and the songs she composed through her surrender to Christ; the life she has been called to live in freedom. 

Join her and embark on your journey as you learn to pick up your beauty for ashes. (Isaiah 61:3)**Songs are not included